Water Damage items that can be salvaged using vacuum freeze-drying

We are the industry expert in restoring and salvaging water damaged documents,books, photos, microfilm, microfiches, X-rays, audio/video tapes and other materials by using state-of-the-art freeze drying technology. We have experienced and trained team ready 24/7/365 for on site pack out, pickup and transportation of your wet damaged documents.

  • Books and manuscripts: coated papers, leather, maps, parchment, pulp paper, vellum, drafting linens, text books, reference books, manuals
  • Business/Personal records and documents: legal/bank/company files, patient and medical records, x-rays, engineering and architectural plans and drawings, catalouges, reference materials, certificates, contracts, passports, transcripts, tax records
  • Historical and collectible items: archival documents, rare documents, maps, stamp collections, money collections
  • Keepsakes: photographs, leather and hide items, newspaper articles, recipe books, wedding albums, yearbooks, baskets, awards & achievements
  • Textiles: embroidery and needlework, silks, tapestries, flags
  • Artwork: acrylic paintings, linen, drawings, water colours

New State Of The Art Custom Built Document Freeze Dryer

Document Freeze Dryer

Our Custom Built Portable Document Freeze Dry Unit

Previous Clients Include:

  • Cuningham Group, MN
  • Inglewood Bird Santuary, CAN
  • Massage Envy, MN
  • Proximo Spirits, NJ
  • Tory Burch, NY
  • McGivney & Kluger, NY
  • PEI, COBB & Associates, NY
  • Orient Overseas, Hong Kong
  • Luther Midelfort-Mayo Health Systems, WI

We Also Provide The Following Rental Equipment

  • Desiccants (5,000 cfm with generator,ENCL)
  • Desiccants (10,000 cfm)
  • Desiccant electric (325 cfm)
  • HEPA Air Scrubbers- Mini 600
  • HEPA Air Scrubbers- LG 1200
  • HEPA Air Scrubbers- X-Lg 1400 & above
  • Dehumidifiers- LG 1200
  • Dehumidifiers- X-LG 2400 or 200
  • Air Movers
  • Air Movers- Dryer Vent
  • Rescue Mats - 6
  • Inject Dry System
  • Foaming Cleaning Machine- Lg
  • Foaming Cleaning Machine- Sm
  • Portable Heaters (30,000 btu) Firebird
  • Portable Heaters (60,000 btu) Fury
  • Portable Heaters Compact 20
  • Climate Control AC (1 ton)
  • HEPA Vacuums

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